An ecosystem for students to learn Coding, AI & Robotics education integrated into the Secondary Schools of Haryana.

An ecosystem for students to learn Coding, AI & Robotics education integrated into the Secondary Schools of Haryana.

What is STEM Lab?

The state of Haryana has been making tremendous efforts to improve the quality of science education in the state. To ensure that the students of Haryana have access to quality science education, the state government is implementing STEM Labs.

The STEM, AI & Robotics Lab for Schools will be implementing an applied curriculum with technology skill subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in this digital era!

By April 2023, Haryana has set up 50 STEM Labs in Model Government Schools.

Quality Skilling Program for Students!

Students will discover the benefits of interactive education with an advanced laboratory, the opportunity to program AI-controlled robots with PictoBlox, and educational resources for both students and instructors!

1. STEM Lab

World-class AI laboratory infrastructure with DIY kits for project-based learning.

2. Coding & AI Platform

All-in-one coding environment designed for students with block-based coding & Python

3. Structured Curriculum

Year-long curriculum for class 6rd to 12th as per NEP 2020 goals!

Technologies in Focus for Inclusive AI Education

The STEM Lab gives students the chance to develop advanced technical skills like coding, teaching machine learning algorithms, building autonomous vehicles, natural language processing, and more through stimulating, hands-on learning experiences!

Coding - Graphical & Python

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Self-Driving Technology

STEM and Tinkering


3D Printing

Drone Technology

Internet of Things

AR Technology

Industrial Automation

Advance Robotics

Objectives and Goals of STEM Labs

  • Create a platform in Government Schools for the implementation of STEM, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Augmented Reality, and Robotics education.
  • Prepare a resource team of computer teachers (with capacity-building programs and yearlong handholding by experts) to impart practical training in Coding, AI, and other skills.
  • Create a new atmosphere of learning IT, algorithmic thinking, and future skills among students with accreditations from reputed universities.
  • Provide modern and career-based education to students.
  • Impart training for Government School students in computational thinking, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship.
  • Enable students to select a career path suited to their skills and competencies.
  • Provide platform and guidance for students to participate in international and national competitions.

Implementing Agency

STEMpedia is an IIT Kanpur Alumni company, backed by ARTPARK, IISC Bangalore, the Department of Science and Technology, and the Government of Karnataka. STEMpedia equips K12 students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century, such as coding, artificial intelligence, and robotics.